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Portlimits Shipping Agency Corp is a fast growing, independent shipping agency in the Philippines.

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Over the years, the company has developed partnerships with the terminal, port authorities, suppliers and service providers.

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Established in April 1998, the company was conceived by a team of industry professionals to meet the growing demand for port agency services in the region. In the years that followed, it steadily built networks that presented promising prospects for the company and allowed it to become one of the foremost players in the highly competitive trade of the maritime service sector.

The company’s group of dedicated people takes pride in offering a wide range of services for vessels of all types calling Philippine ports with an optimum level of quality. It is committed to provide economical and proactive solutions to address the changing needs of our customers in an efficient, safe and responsible manner.


If you are interested in working for a shipping agency that values integrity, professionalism and establishing solid relationships with clients, then we are interested in you.