Full Agency

  • Representing the principal at local level ensuring close monitoring at port calls for utmost dispatch of vessels
  • Liaison with port authorities, contractors and service providers
  • Port call funding
  • Inward and Outward clearances
  • Arrangements for pilotage and towage services for docking and undocking of vessel
  • Updates on berthing prospects and movements during vessel port stay
  • Detailed, accurate and timely PDAs and FDAs
  • Payment of Freight Tax & Application of ICSC

    Husbandry Agency

    • Coordination of store/spare deliveries
    • Delivery of Cash to Master
    • Crew handling – clearances, shore passes, hotel accommodation and transportation
    • Arrange medical and dental appointments
    • Renewal of Sanitation certificates
    • Mail and courier services
    • Boarding arrangements for assigned inspectors, superintendents, surveyors and technicians
    • Supply of fresh water
    • Supply of charts and publications
    • Arrange bunkering requirements


      • Overseeing all port activities to protect principal’s interest
      • Act as Representative in attendance during port call
      • Receives principal’s funds and disbursing same to local agent
      • Reports and updates port call operation