About Portlimits Shipping Agency Corp.


To deliver top-notch services to customers at optimal cost by continuously seeking innovative solutions that will meet their diverse needs and exceed their rising expectations in the competitive industry of shipping agency.



The company aspires to be recognized as a premier provider of dynamic, reliable and cost-effective shipping services to both domestic and foreign customers; to be a leader in the port agency business and to be one of the key players in the industry.


Core Values

The company is guided by a set of business principles that define its values.



This fuels the company in its pursuit for excellence.


Safety and Environment

The company is committed to conduct business in an ethically and socially responsible manner, based on our corporate values and in ways that ensures safety of life, safe attendance of ships, and prevents human injury.

It will comply with all mandatory safety and environmental regulations and all applicable international and local laws, regulations, codes, standards and other requirements to which we subscribe that are relevant to safely and protection of the environment.

The company promotes safe practices in ship operation and will provide a safe working environment, by establishing safeguards against all identified risks.
Communicates this Safety and Environmental Policy to employees, contractors, and suppliers to ensure their awareness and understanding of our commitment. Continuously improves the safety management skills of our personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related to safety and protection of the environment, by providing regular education and training.

Reviews this Policy annually for its continuing suitability, in consideration of our safety requirements and adherence to environmental rules.



The company takes ownership and responsibility for its actions. It focuses on finding solutions and producing results of lasting value.



The company openly works together to provide the support and guidance need to achieve our objectives and reach its vision.